Amorous Moose Finds Love In All The Wrong Places

Sometimes love is blind. And stone cold.

1. Lately, a moose hungry for some lovin’ has been spotted in the Colorado mountain town of Grand Lake. Here, you can see him seducing the camera.

But things are about to get weird.

2. The lustful moose can’t even look you in the eye for what he’s about to do.

So wrong, yet so right.

3. Here, Amorous Moose ponders his next move with his love interest. Should he ask permission now or forgiveness later?

One guess as to which route of courtship he chooses. Prepare yourself for the events that follow.

Silence is not consent.

Statue did not find these antics a-moose-ing.

6. Poor Amorous Moose had no idea his forbidden love affair was caught on camera by the neighbors. Is there no privacy?!

They didn’t even have the decency to use snapchat.

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