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Dress Code Woes

A California student calls out the school dress code in her yearbook quote.

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In today's society everyone has something to say, and there are countless outlets to help spread the word. However sometimes we forget to think how our current actions will affect our future. Or do they?

I love this yearbook quote because at first I'm "Yeah girl! You tell them! Wear what you want! Down with the man!"

She's so right.

And then I think "She has just graduated high school and will soon be out in the "real" world. In the "real" world most jobs have an unwiritten (or written) dress code."

She's so wrong.

But then "Why should some corporation tell us how to dress! So what if it's professional or if it's inappropriate?"

She's so right.

However "Ew I don't want to see other women's (or men's!) guts and butts hanging out all day everyday."

She's so wrong.

And then again "Hey but I'm only grossed out by this because of society's pressured me to feel this way."

She's so right.

Although ...

What do you think?

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*disclaimer: I do have an opinion, but I like to hear others!

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