12 Things You Need To Know About Lunar Mission One

    You can now pay to have a strand of hair buried in a time capsule on the moon, thanks to a new crowdfunded space mission. Update: The Kickstarter to fund the first stage of the mission was fully funded on 16 December.

    1. Lunar Mission One is a robotic mission to the moon led by the UK.

    2. They're raising funding through Kickstarter.

    The project reached its crowdfunding goal today, 16 December.

    3. You can contribute to a time capsule that will be buried on the moon.

    4. You will also be able to send a strand of your hair to the moon.

    5. They want to raise £3 billion through sales of "digital memory boxes".

    6. The planned launch date is 2024.

    7. The probe will land at the moon's South Pole.

    8. And then drill at least 20 metres down.

    9. It could reveal new information about the origin of Earth and the moon.

    10. The time capsule buried after drilling will contain a record of life on Earth.

    11. Lots of scientists and academics have endorsed the mission.

    Including the astronomer royal Lord Martin Rees, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock and Professor Jim Al-Khalili. You can see the full list on their website.

    12. They got their crowdfunding inspiration from the Great Exhibition of 1851 that took place in Hyde Park, London.