Would You Pass School Physics Right Now?

If all the questions were multiple choice. Real questions from past GCSE exam papers.

    1. Ultrasound waves have a frequency above 20,000Hz.
    2. Ultrasound waves have a frequency below 20Hz.
    3. Ultrasound waves have a wavelength above 20,000Hz.
    4. Ultrasound waves have a wavelength below 20Hz.
    1. white dwarf then black hole.
    2. neutron star then white dwarf.
    3. red giant then supernova.
    4. red giant then white dwarf.
    1. transverse waves only.
    2. electromagnetic waves only.
    3. both transverse and electromagnetic waves.
    4. both transverse and longitudinal waves.
    1. zero.
    2. greater than the driving force.
    3. smaller than the driving force.
    4. the same size as the driving force.

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