A Cliff Collapsed On A Comet And Scientists Got Photos

    The Rosetta mission might be over, but scientists are still learning new things about comet 67P.

    This is comet 67P, as photographed by the Rosetta spacecraft.

    Here's a close-up photo of a cliff, called Aswan, on comet 67P, taken in September 2014. The arrow is pointing at a fracture on the cliff edge. You can totally guess what happened next.

    The cliff edge appears to have broken off in a landslide, triggering this outburst you can see in an image from July 2015.

    Here's the cliff on December 2015, a few months after the landslide. The bright spot shows where the cliff edge fractured, leaving a pile of rubble at the bottom of the cliff and exposing the ice underneath.

    Which means that, even from beyond the grave, Rosetta is teaching us new things about our solar system. 🔭🌚