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    7 Weirdly Gripping Medical Stories That Are Actually True

    It turns out you can get pregnant from a blow job...but only in a very, very specific set of circumstances.

    1. That time a hiker survived for 24 days on a mountainside in Japan by "hibernating".

    Kwanchai_khammuean / Getty Images

    Mitsutaka Uchikoshi was hiking with friends on Mount Rokkō in western Japan in October 2006 when he decided to walk back down the mountain alone, instead of taking a cable car with the others.

    He slipped in a stream and fell, breaking his pelvis. He was found 24 days later by a passing hiker. His body temperature had fallen to 22ºC and he'd suffered blood loss and organ failure.

    He was taken to hospital, and amazingly made a full recovery. The BBC reported at the time that a doctor who treated him said that "he fell into a hypothermic state at a very early stage, which is similar to hibernation."

    "I lay down ... in a grassy area, which felt good in the sunshine, and eventually I fell asleep," Uchikoshi said of his accident when he spoke at a news conference after his recovery. "That's the last thing I remember."

    2. That time a woman with no vagina got pregnant after giving someone a blow job.

    3. That time someone got a plastic bottle cap lodged inside their knee and didn't notice.

    4. That time a skier survived being trapped under ice in freezing cold water for 80 minutes.

    5. That time a man got seizures whenever he did certain kinds of mental arithmetic.

    6. That time a lung transplant recipient got her donor's peanut allergy.

    7. That time 45 men were allergic to their own semen.