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24 Ways Conchita Wurst Stole Everyone's Hearts At Eurovision


1. Conchita Wurst was Austria's winning entry in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. And she was amazing.

2. She's the drag alter-ego of Thomas Neuwirth.

3. And she's pretty fabulous.

4. No, seriously. Check out that sass.

5. But also that hair and make up.

Conchita should win for root lift and contouring alone. #eurovision

6. Her song, “Rise Like A Phoenix”, stole the show.

if there's justice in europe, conchita wins

7. It totally has our vote for the next Bond theme.

Conchita for next Bond themetune. #Eurovision

8. Seriously, listen to it.

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Eurovision / EBU /

9. Conchita first appeared on the Austrian casting show Die Große Chance in 2011.

10. And she got to the last two in Austria's national Eurovision finals in 2012.

11. But this year she represented them at the finals. And totally owned it.

Bored now Conchita has been and gone

12. She does a great emoji impression.

Conchita Wurst is my favourite emoji #Eurovision

13. Everybody loves her.

Here comes Conchita!! #Austria #Eurovision #JoinUs

14. Even the other Eurovision entrants.

Freaky Fortune with Conchita! #eurovision #joinus #eurovisiongr #foustanela #frakyfortune #riseup #conchita

15. And basically everyone in Copenhagen.

16. Religions will soon be started in her name.

17. Because she's wonderful.

& the SUPERSTAR that is the bearded lady ♥ There's only one Eurovision. And I love it! #Eurovision #Austria #Conchita

18. The man who created Russia's "homosexual propoganda" law called for a boycott of the competition because of her.

19. But Conchita just wants to show the world that you can be who you want and live out your dreams.

20. We hear you, Conchita.

Let Conchita sing them all basically #Eurovision

21. We hear you loud and clear.

Maybe you should get off your clam and bring back Conchita #eurovision

22. And then she won. And was completely, amazingly overwhelmed and everybody's hearts broke a little bit.

23. Her acceptance speech: "This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. You know who you are. We are unity. And we are unstoppable." / Via BBC