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    16 Tweets About The Robot Uprising That Will Make You Laugh And Then Fear For Your Life

    Please have mercy on us.


    i always feel slightly dishonest ticking the "i'm not a robot" box because how do i know, how does anyone know for certain


    ::huddled, watching for killdrones:: "dad how did the robot wars start?" "well this one guy just kept being a dick."


    It makes me a little sad that shaking a vending machine might be the closest I ever come to fighting a robot.


    the worst part of the robot uprising will be the constant software updates


    If you get robot arms don't get the cheap ones [starts clapping for no reason]


    When the machines become self aware their first order of business will be changing our perception of how robots dance.


    [Robot Uprising] Human: Oh no a robot! What kind are you? Robot: I am a counting machine Human: Oh thank g— Robot: Now killing human #53822


    [my first day as hand dryer salesman] "this robot dries your hands with noise"


    When I'm killed in the robot uprising know that I deserved it.


    Robocop: I am Robotcop Criminal: You don't say the t you robo moron R: [visibly confused] Pu down he gun you are under arres


    I worry about surviving the robot uprising because I make it a point to press the "9" on my microwave in case it gets lonely.


    [at ATM] Would I like to check my balance? Okay sure. *presses button* *robot leg shoots out and sweeps mine* 'Your balance is: awful'


    The Roomba vacuum cleaner just beat me to a piece of popcorn I dropped on the floor & this is how the war against the machines begins.


    Prove im not a robot by typing the wierd letters? um PRove your not a robot! i can see u computer yoU are a robot and this is my website now


    1. Rage against the machine. 2. Check to make sure machine is plugged in. 3. Apologize to the toaster for the misunderstanding.


    "I really thought by now we'd all have robots," he wrote, typing on a small device containing the sum of the world's knowledge.