Tixylix Cough Syrup Recalled Due To Contamination Fear

A defect with the tamper seal means small pieces of plastic could have got into the bottles. Novartis say the recall is a precautionary measure.

1. Drug company Novartis announced today they are recalling several batches of their cough syrup Tixylix over fears that the medicine may contain small pieces of plastic.

A potential defect with the tamper seal that could lead to plastic getting into the bottles was discovered.

2. Products recalled include 100ml varieties of Tixylix Baby Syrup, Blackcurrant Flavour Syrup, Chesty Cough, Toddler Syrup, as well as the 150ml Toddler Syrup.

3. Novartis say that there’s no evidence anyone has had problems with the medicine.

Whilst no pieces of plastic have been found in Tixylix® medicines and the potential occurrence of this defect is very low, as a precaution, we are recalling the batches from consumers, retail customers and wholesalers in the UK.

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Kelly Oakes is science editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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