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19 Things You'll Remember If You Started Uni A Decade Ago

How has it been that long already?!

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2. And then you joined a Fresher's group and added a bunch of people going to the same uni before even getting there.


Some of the friends you made this way are still in your life even now, others you never actually met IRL.


6. There was at least one student night at the union that did pints for a pound.

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It was probably snakebite and black, but you didn't care because your palate wasn't exactly refined ten years ago.


12. Waiting for people to upload photos and tag you on Facebook was both exciting and excruciating.

Kelly Oakes

At best you got a new profile pic from it, at worst you were reminded of things you'd rather forget. And it could happen ~at any moment~ the day after the night before.


14. Most of your lecturers were into "chalk and talk" teaching so you took handwritten notes from a blackboard.

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Or you knew which of your friends had the neatest handwriting, and photocopied from them.

15. And when it came to revising you worked from notes and printed worksheets in the library ~without a computer~.

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Or you worked in front of a computer while watching back to back episodes of Come Dine With Me on 4oD.

16. Netflix streaming wasn't a thing yet so you had actual DVDs of films and box sets you wanted to watch.

17. And your student newspaper was probably only an actual newspaper with no website.

18. You're probably now reaching the stage where you see a bunch of your uni friends again because everyone's started getting married.