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23 Things That Look Totally Bizarre Under A Microscope

Table salt looks terrifyingly spaceship-like. Photos taken with an electron microscope, via ZEISS Microscopy.

1. Nylon.

2. White sugar.

3. Fine salt.

4. Peppercorn.

5. Ground black pepper.

6. Coffee grounds.

7. Wood.

8. Ballpoint pen.

9. Printed paper.

10. A staple in some paper.

11. A grain of pollen.

12. Pollen caught in fabric.

13. Needle and thread.

14. The edge of a razor blade.

15. A moustache hair.

16. Lots of moustache hairs.

17. The surface of an old copper penny.

18. A fruit fly.

19. More of a fruit fly.

20. A cloth.

21. The surface of a ball bearing.

22. The sticky bit of a post-it note.

23. Cotton.