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19 Secrets Scientists Will Never Tell You

We're all big kids at heart.

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1. Freezing random objects in liquid nitrogen will never not be fun.

3. Same goes for playing with dry ice.

8. It's hard not to get overly attached to inanimate objects you use every day.

Especially when they have faces.


9. Getting a new lab coat is more exciting than it should be.

Aside from everything else, they make an extremely handy last-minute Halloween costume.

11. Sometimes we get scared of lasers too, even though we know they will (mostly) not cut you in half.

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I mean they can still blind you so there's plenty of legitimate reason to be cautious.


17. Sometimes we quite enjoy going into the lab on a weekend.

It's much quieter and you can actually get some work done.

18. Conferences are basically an excuse for a piss up with other scientists we don't get to see that often.

That doesn't mean the talks are not really useful, but it's often the drinks afterwards where actual collaborations are born.

19. And drinking from conical flasks never, ever gets old.

You'll still scoff at shots served in test tubes in bars, though.