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    These Flowers Look Bizarre And Alien Under A Microscope

    Can you guess what they are?

    This is part of a flower.

    Closer up, it kind of looks like a ton of jellyfish huddling together.

    But it's actually a...

    This is also a flower petal.

    From this flower.

    This looks like a tiny landscape covered in yellow trees.

    But actually it's a petal from this flower.

    This is a flower bud. Or is it an alien hatching from an egg?

    Nope, it really is a flower bud. From this tree.

    Whatever these are, they look pretty alien.

    But they're actually stamens from this flower.

    Is this some kind of virus?

    Nope, it's petal hairs from this flower.

    This is a flower's stigma (the part of the plant that receives pollen).

    Close up, it looks more than a little freaky.

    But it's from this flower.

    These look a bit like teeny tiny eggs laid by some kind of parasite.

    But they're actually pollen grains from this flower.

    A horrendous disease? Or more pollen?

    Of course it's pollen. On this plant's stigma.

    This is an anther, part of a plant's stamen.

    It's from the flower of this plant.

    At least this one looks vaguely flower-like. Sort of.

    It's from this flower.

    Is it a bird? Is it an insect? Is it a horrible alien with eyes coming out of its mouth?

    And really freaky, bumpy skin?

    Nope, it's another flower.