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The 20 Stages Of Being Drunk, As Explained By Science

Understanding is the first step toward acceptance.

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1. When you drink, the alcohol is mostly absorbed through the walls of your small intestine and dispersed around your body by your blood.


How quickly it’s absorbed depends on how much you’ve had to drink and whether you’ve eaten.


11. And the next day? UGH HANGOVER.


Dehydration, alcohol withdrawal, and the toxins created when your liver breaks down alcohol all play a part in causing you to feel rubbish after a big night out.

14. The alcohol you drink is broken down in your liver, making a toxin called acetaldehyde. If you pace your drinking, acetaldehyde is broken down pretty much straight away.


16. The good news is there are some things you can do to ease a hangover. First, make sure you stay hydrated.

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One glass of water per alcoholic drink is a good rule. If you can't manage that, at least down a glass before bed.

20. Hair of the dog will alleviate your symptoms for a while, but all you're really doing is putting off the inevitable.

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And your eventual hangover will likely be worse, because you're making yourself more dehydrated and giving your liver more work to do.


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