17 Things That Prove Tardigrades Are Basically Superheroes

    Don't let their cute nickname fool you.

    1. This is a tardigrade.

    2. They're also known as "moss piglets".

    3. They look like tiny manatees.

    4. They can go into a state of suspended animation if they need to.

    5. And hang around like that for a hundred years, before casually regenerating.

    Tardigrades have been revived from dried moss kept in a museum for over 100 years.

    6. Their eggs look like miniature alien spaceships.

    7. Their feet look like this.

    8. And up close their faces look like this.

    9. Some species are carnivorous.

    10. They live all over Earth and have even been found 20,000 feet up a mountain in the Himalayas.

    11. At the bottom of the ocean.

    12. In Japanese hot springs.

    13. And 80m under the surface of a glacier in the Arctic.

    14. They're the only animals that can survive in space.

    15. They can withstand six times as much pressure as there is at bottom of the Mariana trench.

    16. They can withstand 1000 times the lethal human dose of X-ray radiation.

    17. All of which means it's basically impossible to kill a tardigrade.

    Bow down.