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    20 Solar Eclipse Photos You Really Should See

    Missed the solar eclipse because of the clouds? Here are some photos to make up for it.

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    People all over the UK (and the rest of the world) watched this morning's eclipse...

    Huw Evans / Huw Evans/Rex/REX USA
    Rex/REX USA

    Ellie and Jojo Roach watching the solar eclipse on the steps of the National Museum in Cardiff, Wales (left), and a cat in Varna, Bulgaria (right).

    ...and even if it was a bit cloudy for some, there are some amazing photos.

    Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

    Members of the Galloway Forest Astronomical Society prepare their equipment the day before the solar eclipse in Newton Stewart, Scotland.

    1. The view from Cornwall, England.

    Lee Searle / Rex/REX USA

    2. Coventry, England.

    Graham Stone / Rex/REX USA

    3. Plymouth, England.

    Geoff Caddick / AFP / Getty Images

    4. The partial eclipse seen against Damien Hirst's statue "Verity" in Ilfracombe, Devon, England.

    Adam Gray /
    Adam Gray /

    5. And zoomed in.

    Adam Gray /

    6. Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland.

    Mark Sutherland /

    7. The partial solar eclipse and some lemurs at Chester Zoo, England.

    Chester Zoo

    8. Brussels, Belgium.

    Nicolas Maeterlinck / Getty Images

    9. Neuzelle, Germany.

    Patrick Pleul / Getty Images

    10. Northampton, England.

    Clive Mason / Getty Images

    11. Milan, Italy.

    Luca Bruno / AP

    12. Two storks sit in their nest on top of a chapel in Salamaca, Spain.

    Jose Vicente / AP

    13. Munich, Germany.

    Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

    14. Munich, Germany (plus a dove, because why not).

    Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

    15. Liverpool, England.

    Paul Ellis / Getty Images
    Paul Ellis / Getty Images

    16. Strasbourg, France.

    Frederick Florin / Getty Images

    17. Glasgow, Scotland.

    Andy Buchanan / Getty Images

    18. Bristol, England.

    19. The total eclipse as seen from Svalbard, Norway.

    Reuters Photographer / Reuters

    The total eclipse was only visible in the Faroe Islands and the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard.

    20. Svalbard, Norway.

    Norsk Telegrambyra As / Reuters

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