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    23 Pictures Of Shropshire That Prove You Should Never Go There

    So many hills.

    1. Shropshire is such a dull county.

    Flickr: speedygroundhog / Creative Commons

    Carding Mill Valley, The Long Mynd

    2. The landscape there is just so samey.

    Flickr: johnclift / Creative Commons

    The Clun Valley

    3. And all those hills start to just blend into one.

    Flickr: arg_flickr / Creative Commons

    The Long Mynd

    4. There are no interesting places to go walking.

    Dan_wrench / Getty Images

    Offa's Dyke, the ancient boundary between Wales and England.

    5. Or old castles to explore.

    Flickr: speedygroundhog / Creative Commons

    Clun Castle

    6. Seriously.

    Flickr: ed-jeavons / Creative Commons

    Ludlow Castle

    7. Not a single one.

    Paula Connelly / Getty Images

    The gatehouse and church at Stokesay Castle.

    8. Even the train stations are totally drab.

    Caronb / Getty Images

    Shrewsbury train station.

    9. And don't get me started on the bridges.

    Brian Clift /

    The Welsh Bridge, Shrewsbury

    10. What were the people who built this thinking?!

    Mfarr / Getty Images

    The Iron Bridge over the River Severn in Ironbridge. It was built in 1779.

    11. There are no cute little towns.

    Flickr: larique / Creative Commons

    Ironbridge, Shropshire

    12. Or big ones.

    Flickr: shropshiretelfordtsb / Creative Commons


    13. You should really steer clear of the towns by the Welsh border.

    Tonythepixel /

    Oswestry, Shropshire

    14. And the little towns further in.

    Flickr: calflier001 / Creative Commons

    The Three Tuns, Bishops Castle

    15. In fact just avoid any kind of settlement altogether.

    Flickr: 13706945@N00 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: 50419881@N05 / Creative Commons

    St Leonard's Church and Bridgnorth

    16. The River Severn is just a mess.

    Flickr: londonmatt / Creative Commons

    The River Servern at Coalbrookdale

    17. Where is it even trying to go?

    Flickr: fogey03 / Creative Commons

    River Severn

    18. This pool is just gross.

    Flickr: speedygroundhog / Creative Commons

    Boldings Pools

    19. Don't get me started on the hills again.

    Chris Bayley /

    The Wrekin hill

    20. They're not even that high.

    Flickr: shirokazan / Creative Commons

    Top of the Wrekin

    21. And the views from them are terrible.

    Bs0u10e01 / / Creative Commons

    Panoramic view from the top of the Wrekin

    22. In summary: Never go to Shropshire.

    Flickr: andrewheavens / Creative Commons

    Wenlock Edge

    23. There is nothing for you here.

    Flickr: pikerslanefarm / Creative Commons

    View from the top of Wenlock Edge

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