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    13 Questions You Never Knew You Needed Answering, Answered

    Why do you never see baby pigeons? And what causes that smell when it rains?

    1. Why do old books smell like that?

    2. How do you grow seedless grapes?

    3. Why do you never see baby pigeons?

    4. Why does rain smell so good?

    5. Why do you cry when you chop an onion?

    6. How much gold does a wedding ring lose over time?

    7. Why does hot rubbish smell so bad?

    8. Why can't penguins fly?

    9. Why is it so hard to sneeze with your eyes open?

    10. Why do humans walk forwards instead of sideways?

    11. Why do some people have loads of freckles and others don't?

    12. Why does a tiny speck of dust in your eye hurt so much?

    13. Why do pineapples taste prickly?