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    18 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Me As A Scientist"

    "Scientists examine why men even exist."

    1. When you need to justify your own bad habits, so you drag fish into it too.

    2. When you want to get back at your dog-loving ex.

    3. When someone tells you "there's no such thing as a dumb question".

    "@pourmecoffee: The Internet " this perfectly explains me as a scientist

    4. When you discover a new species, but you also want to reflect your punk roots.

    5. When someone misunderstands the tone of your text.

    Winky Faces Make Your Texts Sarcastic, Scientists Say —

    6. When you would like to ban all men, but need a scientific reason to do so.

    7. When you need something that adequately reflects the colour of your soul.

    8. When you have leftover food you don't know what to do with.

    9. When you just want everyone to see the world like you do.

    10. When you have an ant infestation and too much time on your hands.

    11. When you're so hungover toast is all you can handle.

    Science has determined the timing for a perfect piece of toast. #NationalToastDay

    12. When someone's being overdramatic and you can't deal with it.

    13. When you get bored with your kid's inferior Poohsticks technique.

    14. When you need to justify your wine drinking.

    15. When you can't get enough cream cheese.

    16. When you try to make a fancy breakfast for your mum but it all goes wrong.

    17. When you have to get food away from yourself to stop you eating it.

    🍩 Taking doughnuts to new heights :-) RT @mashable Norway sends first donut into space #video 🍩

    18. When it's the end of the week and your brain would just like to pack up and go home now, please.