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    Look At This Monster Leech Devouring A Giant Earthworm

    As well as being gruesome, it's the first time this has been documented. Sluuuuuurp.

    Here's a photo of a red leech eating a 70cm long giant blue earthworm.


    The struggle was spotted by filmmakers at Mount Kinabalu, Borneo, while they were recording footage for a new BBC Two series.

    The leeches are pretty elusive creatures and this is the first time this behaviour has been captured on film. “Very little is known about them, we don’t know how they hunt, or even how big they grow, because no one has researched them,” ecologist Alim Biun, who teamed up with the filmmakers to study the leeches, said in a statement.

    Watch it up close if you're up for having nightmares tonight. / Via BBC

    The worm didn't go without a fight.

    But in the end it had no chance. Sluuuuurp.

    If those clips have not put you off, you can watch the whole thing at the BBC.

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