21 Everyday Things That Have Blown People’s Minds

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.

1. Contactless payments.

2. App icons.

3. Nando’s doing takeaway.

4. Companies having similar names.

5. Cars telling you to take a break.

A coffee cup and message "Take a break" just popped up on Mom's new Mercedes. Apparently cars tell you when you seem sleepy now. Mind blown.

— Lesley Murphy (@LesleyMurph)
20th Century Fox

6. C64 cartridges.

@lordskipvc I remember when C64 made cartridges. Had Robocop on cartridge. Mind blown!

— Cheeky Charlie (@urge_to_kill)

7. The Wired UK site redesign.

Mind kind've blown by the @WiredUK site redesign. Put it through it's paces cross-browser and cross-device. Very impressive! Do a blog post!

— Yuan Phoon (@YuanPhoon)

8. Expensive cars.

Mind blown by this: Lamborghini Mansory Aventador LP1600-4 Carbonado GT spotted in Monaco.

— Othman Id (@automotive_fan)

9. Celebrities having normal real names.

Reading some gossip site and it casually mentions that Dakota and Elle Fanning's real names are "Hannah" and "Mary" and my mind is blown.

— Micaela (ミカエラ@福岡) (@ciaela)

10. Eminem.

i literally JUST realized he calls himself ''eminem'' because his name is Marshall Mathers. my mind feels blown by this dumb revelation.

— Irene Willen (@Irene_Willen)

11. Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers is 81 !? Wtf! Mind. Blown.

— AlyssaOrdonez (@CHINKERZZZ)

12. Taylor Swift.

Shake it off is by Taylor Swift! Whattttttt????? Mind blown

— bubbles (@cayleeevickkk)
TaylorSwiftVEVO / Via youtube.com

13. Getting followers on Twitter.

Just realized I had 1,000 followers and that's so weird that many people actually follow me ... My mind is blown

— Hiela (@hielamanely)

14. Getting followers on Instagram.

Hit 150k on instagram mind blown !

— JohnnieGuilbert (@JohnnieGuilber1)

15. Sunrise.

Still mind blown that I haven't fallen asleep yet and the sun is up

— domm (@im_DOMMination)

16. Breaking Bad.

Stayed up til 4 to finish season 4 of Breaking Bad and my mind is blown

— Taylor Riden (@2TACOSSS)

17. Custard creams.

have just been sent a photo of custard creme biscuit spread - it may have just blown my mind

— Carley Tauchert (@carleytauchert)

18. Men and women having different amounts of body hair.

I don't know what women see in men, we are hairy and rugged. And women are soft and delicate...... Mind blown

— The Only Australian (@Jamiedurnberger)

19. Signing PDF forms.

Just signed a white piece of paper. Held it up to my iMac’s FaceTime camera and created a signature for a PDF. Cool technology. Mind blown.

— Melissa Lyttle (@melissalyttle)

20. Cotton being a plant.


— Daniel Craig Glover (@ShoutItOutTV)

21. Pineapples.

Mind = blown RT @Earth_Pics: Have you ever wondered how pineapples grow? http://t.co/cmDEwV2FzB

— Kelly Oakes (@kahoakes)

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Kelly Oakes is science editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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