21 Jaw-Dropping Photographs Of Life, Magnified

    Come and get your zebrafish embryos.

    1. A mouse brain.

    2. Hair cells that sense sound in your ear.

    3. Blood.

    4. A zebrafish embryo.

    5. A mouse's eye with different cell types highlighted.

    6. Layers of nerve cells in the retina.

    7. Anthrax bacteria being swallowed by an immune system cell.

    8. A cell dividing.

    9. Anglerfish ovary.

    10. Ebola virus.

    11. Larvae from a parasitic worm.

    12. Birth of a yeast cell.

    13. Pollen grains.

    14. A fruit fly ovary.

    15. HIV.

    16. Zebrafish fin.

    17. Flower-forming plant cells.

    18. Developing nerve cells.

    19. Dividing cells.

    20. Gecko lizard toe hairs.

    21. Jellyfish.