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17 Pictures People With Plantar Fasciitis Will Just Get

You'll never look at dressing gown cord the same way again.

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3. When you discover the magic healing properties of golf balls.

4. And cool, soothing frozen water bottles.

Instagram: @runthisweigh

5. And find new uses for lots of other household objects, too.

Instagram: @vix_falk

You'll never look at dressing gown cord the same way again.

7. When you try running, or even just walking, through the pain and immediately regret it.

Instagram: @rochelles1987

8. When you try on shoes you 100% know you can't actually walk in just to see what they look like.

Instagram: @slimsmitten

Just ten minutes, promise.

10. And a bunch of fancy massage balls you can buy when you graduate from just using golf balls.

Instagram: @bloomingbeautifulmama

11. Not that you'll have any money once you've shelled out for new shoes and trainers.

12. When you first learn about these socks and you're like, "lol nope".

Instagram: @magdalenafoxny

13. And then you learn about night splints.

Maybe that sock didn't look so bad after all?

14. When you find something that works for you and it feels pretty damn great.

15. Even if it does look a little odd.

Instagram: @erininthesky

17. And when you watch this video and can practically feel the relief.

Instagram: @thefootcollective

Brb off to buy a rolling pin and enlist a stranger to do this.

Kelly Oakes is science editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.

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