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    12 Impressive And Slightly Worrying Things Robots Can Do Now

    Basically, humans are screwed.

    1. Swim like an eel.

    2. Or like a colour-changing fish.

    3. And then perfectly transition from swimming to walking.

    4. Imitate a turtle to help search shipwrecks.

    They can hunt for hours without resurfacing.

    5. Run like a cat.

    6. Walk, crawl and swim like a salamander.

    7. Fly like a bat.

    Bat Bot can change its wing shape during flight.

    8. Crawl like a spider.

    9. Mimic tumbleweed.

    University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania / Via Science Museum

    10. Help out surgeons by imitating an octopus' arm.

    11. Move stealthily through water using artificial muscles.

    12. Imitate a piranha.

    At least it's remote controlled.