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If The Curiosity Rover Was Explained In "Up Goer Five" Language

"Space car for the red world." Randall Munroe's new book, Thing Explainer, will be released on November 24.

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How would you explain the Mars Curiosity rover using only the thousand most common English words?

In "Up Goer Five" xkcd-author Randall Munroe explained NASA's Saturn V rocket in simple terms. In his new book, he's going to do the same for a lot more objects.

Munroe explained, using Up Goer Five language, in a blog post:

I had a good time drawing Up Goer Five, so I decided to draw more pictures like that and make a book of them. The book explains things, so it's called Thing Explainer.

You can't have Thing Explainer yet, but if you want, you can order it now, and you'll get it about a month before the end of the year.

Touch these blue words to learn how to get Thing Explainer.