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    Dec 18, 2014

    How To Deck Your Halls With Nobel Prize-Winners

    All homemade Christmas decorations should be physics-themed.

    Have you ever fancied science-ing up your homemade Christmas decorations? Well, you're in luck.

    Symmetry Magazine have come up with three templates that will turn a piece of paper into a Nobel Prize-winning snowflake.

    You'll need a printer, paper, a precision cutting knife and a cutting board or mat. Just follow the instructions in the PDF template. Enjoy!

    Marie Curie.

    Symmetry Magazine / Via

    Get the PDF template here.

    Albert Einstein.

    Symmetry Magazine / Via

    Get the PDF template here.

    Erwin Schrödinger.

    Symmetry Magazine / Via

    Complete with a cat (but is it dead or alive?). Get the PDF template here.

    H/T Symmetry Magazine

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