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Can You Beat The Average Person In An Anatomy Test?

A study published today tests 63 people's anatomical knowledge. How do you compare?

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How well do you think your anatomical knowledge stacks up to other people's?

Lancaster University

In the study, published today in the journal Anatomical Sciences Education, 63 people took a test to indicate where they thought parts of the body were on a blank human body template. The brain was the only body part 100% of people put in the right place. The least well known location was that of the adrenal grands, with less than 15% of people getting it right.

Take the test below to find out how you compare.

Just tap where on the outline each body part is. If there's more than one, you only need to find one of them!

Ready? Let's go.

Kelly Oakes is science editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.

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