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    17 GIFs That Will Make You Smarter In Just A Few Seconds

    Watch and learn.

    1. How to start a fire with flint and steel.

    2. What happens when you pop a falling balloon.

    3. How a strawberry grows and ripens.

    4. How your brain makes assumptions.

    5. How a slinky falls.

    Veritasium /

    While the bottom of the slinky doesn't move until the top reaches it, the centre of gravity of the object is falling all the time.

    6. The transit method of detecting planets around other stars.

    NASA /

    7. How fast we're discovering alien planets.

    NASA /

    The gold bar represents planets verified using a new technique called multiplicity.

    8. How to make a simple motor.

    You need: a battery, a copper wire and a magnet. Place the battery on the magnet, then put the wire on top and watch it spin thanks to the interaction between the magnetic field from the magnet and the electric field from the battery.

    9. How pi relates to the circumference of a circle.

    10. Pythagoras' theorem (a2+b2=c2)

    11. How the clouds move on Jupiter.

    12. How this species of mushroom grows and spreads its spores.

    The "lacy skirt" might provide a ladder to help insects climb to the spore-bearing part of the fungus.

    13. Propulsion.

    The water bottle is pushed forwards because material is being pushed out of the back of it.

    14. What snake venom does to human blood.

    15. How tadpoles grow into frogs.


    16. How Earth's ice cover varies over seasons.

    17. How a baby's face develops in the womb.

    BBC /

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