People Have A Lot To Say About The Scientist Who Wore A Shirt Covered In Half-Naked Women During The Comet Landing

    And now a journalist who tweeted about it is being told to "jump off a cliff." Because of course.

    Yesterday, humans successfully landed a probe on a comet for the first time ever.

    Dr Matt Taylor, the project scientist on the mission, wore this shirt during interviews in the lead-up to the landing.

    Some people thought it was amusing.

    #cometlanding #rosetta haha legend lead scientist's shirt!

    But plenty of people were unimpressed.

    and now that we know that Philae is safe (whew. yay!!), resending: Spock is not amused.

    I assume the lander is just saving its harpoons so it can hunt down that bearded idiot in the gross shirt.

    I think there were more women represented on the #shirtstorm shirt than in the mission control rooms for #CometLanding #blondscientist

    I miss mohawk guy. There was a space-related fashion choice we could all get behind.

    A day after the landing, people are still talking about it.

    yesterday saw many tweets about a shirt, couldn't find pic, figured "it can't be that bad." just found a pic... IT IS THAT BAD #CometLanding

    ESA can land their robot on a comet. But they still can’t see misogyny under their noses. And that's a problem.

    His shirt says to women in STEM: I have no respect for you as a professional. When I look at you, I see a sex object

    That's the worst part of it. He marginalized his female colleagues as part of a fucking joke. To show how laid back he is.

    Because women are your goddamn punchline. And demeaning women is a fun way to show how casual you are! How unlike stuffy stereotypes!

    Women say: This shirt says women aren't welcome in science. Men respond: GO KILL YOURSELF YOU HATE SEX.

    And now a journalist who tweeted her disapproval has been told to "jump off a cliff".

    No no women are toooootally welcome in our community, just ask the dude in this shirt.

    @bucksci @roseveleth LOL so wearing a shirt with good looking women = women abuse? You're an absolute MORON. Jump off a cliff. Please.

    What @roseveleth is experiencing RIGHT NOW for tweeting about misogyny is unacceptable and far too typical

    A scientist helpfully tweeted how the objectification of women affects a workplace.

    The folks at #rosetta would do well to read articles on objectification of women and hostile work environments:

    The paper that tweet links to, published in the journal Psychology, Public Policy, and Law in 2013, says sexual objectification results in "worse performance, more sexual harassment, and more negative emotion".

    At least next time we land on a comet, Taylor now knows what shirt to wear instead.

    Taylor has since apologised for wearing the shirt. He said: "I made a big mistake and I offended many people and I am very sorry about this."