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19 Things That Are Way Too Real For People Who Love Cats But Are Allergic

Life is a constant battle between your immune system and your desire to hug all the cats.

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1. When you look at this picture you know the exact mix of burning and itching the person in it is feeling.

2. Even the tiniest scratch apparently involves calling your whole immune system into action.

3. So, even though you'd love nothing more than a feline friend to come home to after work, most of your cat interactions probably happen on the internet.

4. Which inevitably leads to browsing cats that are up for adoption, and wondering at what point you're going to give in and get one.

5. Until you remember that if you do, this will happen to your eyes.

6. You have more than once wondered what you did in a past life to deserve your cat allergy.

7. Sometimes you conveniently "forget" you're allergic to cats, and go in for a lil snuggle.

8. Which is fine, until you can't breathe.

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9. When you know you're going to see a cat, you make sure you're stocked up on antihistamines.

10. As soon as you walk into a new house your body immediately knows if a cat lives there.

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11. Meeting a cat in the street brightens up your day, but you wash your hands as soon as possible after petting it.

12. You know you could never settle down with someone else who was allergic to cats because it would mean you could never, ever get one, and you still have hope.

You know, despite your own allergy.
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You know, despite your own allergy.

13. You've spent a lot of time researching types of cats you might be able to get away with.

It turns out they're very expensive.

14. So right now, you are either doing your best to live without a cat...

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15. ...using whatever substitutions for feline companionship you can think of...

16. ...or you have already given in and got one.

17. (Along with a lifetime supply of allergy tablets.)

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18. If not, you know it's only a matter of time.

19. How could you resist this face forever?

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