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12 Beautifully Illustrated Poems Celebrating Science And Nature

From honey bees and marsh flies, to black holes and dark energy.

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Joanna Tilsley started writing poetry when she was eight years old, and continued until she left university with a degree in Biology.

30 Days is a collection of 30 illustrated poems inspired by science and nature. The anthology is the product of last year's NaPoWriMo, an annual poetry writing event that takes place every April.

I had been reading a lot about cosmology and new physics at the time, and as I took my habitual walks across the marshes surrounding my home in North London, I pondered deeply upon the dimensions of space and time through which I was passing, as well as existing euphorically in the moment with the first stirrings of spring. The poems followed naturally through; in fact they burst out of me, allowing me to weave a pattern of deep emotion through a weft of scientific fact.