Are You Smarter Than A Crow?

They are scarily clever.

1. This video from the BBC shows a crow solving a problem that requries eight separate steps. Can you figure out the solution before the crow does?

2. Here is the set up.

3. Step 1: Collect the stick.

4. Step 2: Use the stick to get a stone out from behind bars.

5. Step 3: Collect another stone.

6. Step 4: Figure out that you have to drop the stones down the plastic tube.

7. Step 5 & 6: Collect the third stone, drop it into the plastic tube.

8. Step 7: Pick up the second stone and drop it down the tube to release the longer stick.

9. Step 8: Use the stick to collect your prize!

  1. Did you follow that?
    1. Yes!
    2. No :(

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Kelly Oakes is science editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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