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24 Scientific Reasons To Be Glad You're Alive Right Now

When you look at it like this, now is a very good time to be alive.

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4. A few decades ago, HIV would have been a death sentence. Now, people with HIV can live almost as long as they would have without it.

Flickr: 85182154@N00 / Creative Commons

Providing they catch it early and get access to the right medication, people with HIV can expect to have an almost normal lifespan these days.


8. We've also put several robots on Mars.

NASA/JPL-Caltech / Via

The latest, Curiosity, landed on Mars over a year ago and has taught us a lot about the planet in that short time. But it's main mission, to reach Mount Sharp, has barely even begun.


13. Without science, we wouldn't have seen our home from billions of miles away.

Voyager 1 / Via

This photograph was taken by Voyager 1 on 14 February 1990, before it turned its camera off and ventured out to interstellar space.


23. And even implanted a tooth into a man's eye to restore his vision.

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