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    18 Award-Winning Science Pictures

    Warning: Contains a deer tick embedded into someone's leg.

    These images were all winners in the Wellcome Trust Images Awards 2014.

    1. Lilium flower bud.

    2. Kidney stone.

    3. Agricultural sludge sample.

    4. CT scan of a seal's head.

    5. MRI scan of the nerve fibres in a healthy adult human brain.

    6. Deer tick embedded in the skin of someone's leg.

    7. Medieval human mandible (lower jawbone).

    8. DECT scan of a mechanical heart pump.

    9. Head louse egg attached to a strand of hair.

    10. X-ray of a brown long-eared bat.

    11. Astrantia major 'Hadspen Blood'.

    12. Semiconductor on thin film solar/photovoltaic cells.

    13. Scanning electron microscope image of the Arabidopsis thaliana flower.

    14. Human heart (aortic valve) tissue displaying calcification.

    15. Breast cancer cells treated with nano sized drug carriers.

    16. Oxidised Vitamin C crystals.

    17. A miniature marine organism.

    18. Zebrafish embryo.