14 Things That Prove Bees Are Actually Superheroes


    1. They can sense the electric fields of flowers.

    2. They withstand forces 30 times greater than gravity as they shake flowers to get pollen out.

    3. They can sniff out landmines.

    4. And they've been known to work as "biodetectives", keeping tabs on pollution at German airports.

    5. They could FLY OVER MOUNT EVEREST if they wanted to.

    6. They can carry almost half their own weight in pollen.

    7. They take advantage of the laws of physics to make their honeycomb hexagonal.

    8. Magnets are their kryptonite.

    9. Their brains work faster than a computer on some maths problems.

    10. Honeybees can recognise and distinguish between human faces.

    11. Their wings beat at 230 strokes per second.

    12. They can taste with their feet.

    13. They are merciless towards their enemies.

    14. And they save us from starvation EVERY SINGLE DAY.