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Which Underappreciated TV Men Are Actually Total Boyfriend Goals?

Ted Mullens would never treat me like this.

Let's face it: A lot of the boyfriends on our favorite TV shows are not exactly A+ significant others.

But there are some TV boyfriends who are actually great — in fact, some of them set the bar too high.

So, we want to know: Who do you consider to be the best TV boyfriends?

Maybe you adore Ted from Schitt's Creek because he was such a supportive boyfriend and always encouraged Alexis to pursue her dreams no matter what.

ted from schitt's creek

Perhaps you think Winston from New Girl is super underrated because you love his great sense of humor and kind heart.

winston from new girl

Or maybe you fell in love with Nathan's character development on One Tree Hill and really appreciate what an amazing husband he became to Haley.

Tell us about a TV boyfriend you love and why you think they deserve more appreciation! Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.