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We Want To Know Which TV Relationships Made Sense At First, But Were Disappointing Once They Got Together

Some ships are just better off not sailing.

As a TV fanatic, I LOVE when my ships finally get together after seasons of "will they/won't they?" and pining. Is there anything more satisfying?

Sometimes, however, a TV couple will make perfect sense...until they actually get together.

Miles and Tristan from "Degrassi"

Whether it's due to a lack of chemistry, unsatisfying writing, or just being kind of awful together, the pairing you once rooted so hard for suddenly becomes the actual worst. UGH.

Nintendo / @anicrossing2

Maybe you thought Andy and Erin were super cute on The Office when they were crushing on each other, but hated how poorly Andy treated her once they started dating.

Andy and Erin looking unhappy together in Season 9

Perhaps you were a Rue and Jules shipper from day one of Euphoria, but after watching Season 2, you think the relationship just needs to end for both of their sakes.

Rue and Jules kiss Season 2

Or maybe you were so excited to finally get to see Guzmán and Nadia be a couple on Elite, but were massively disappointed by how quickly the writers ruined their relationship and broke them up in Season 4.

Guzmán and Nadia at the end of Season 3

Tell us in the comments about a TV couple that made sense until they actually got together and WHY you changed your mind about them. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!