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Which TV Couples Felt Super Forced?

"They're holding hands. I want them dead."

Some TV couples truly have it all: off-the-charts chemistry, a captivating story, and an interesting dynamic.

But there are other TV couples who just fall flat. Whether it be that they don’t have any chemistry, their personalities aren’t remotely compatible, or it feels like the writers just threw them together because they ran out of ideas. Whatever the reason, you just don't buy it.

So, we want to know: Which TV couples felt super forced?

Maybe you never understood why the writers tried to put Joey and Rachel together on Friends because it felt like their feelings just came out of nowhere.

Maybe you couldn't stand how Emily still dated Paige on Pretty Little Liars after Paige literally tried to DROWN her.

Maybe you were furious that Jackie and Fez were endgame on That '70s Show even though they made absolutely no sense as a couple.

Maybe you never bought that Lucas and Peyton were really "soulmates" and "destined from the start" on One Tree Hill.

Tell us which TV couples felt forced and exactly why you didn't buy them! Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.