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Which TV Couples Were Such Dumpster Fires, They Never Should Have Dated In The First Place?

Burn it. Burn it with FIRE.

We all have those TV couples we just can't stand.

From "Bob's Burgers": "They make a cute couple huh?" "They certainly are standing next to each other"

While certain TV ships may be annoying to watch, we might understand why the characters were put together...or at the very least, maybe they're not completely insufferable.

But there are other TV couples that just shouldn't have happened at ALL. Maybe they're incredibly toxic together, the relationship ruins the characters, or the pairing just makes no sense.

Maybe you can never get on board with Adam and Eric dating on Sex Education knowing that Adam relentlessly bullied Eric for years.

Maybe you hated how Pretty Little Liars had Aria end up with Ezra because it deviated from the books and it was super uncomfortable to watch.

Maybe you're still furious about Blaine dating Kurt's former bully, Karofsky, on Glee because it was so awful and unnecessary.

Blaine and Karofsky in Season 6 of "Glee"

Maybe you wish Rory and Logan never started dating on Gilmore Girls because you felt like the relationship totally ruined Rory's character.

Tell us which TV couples just never should have happened and why you feel strongly about them. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!