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Tell Us About A TV Character Who Was Supposed To Be Sympathetic But Was Actually An Awful Person

I can't stand these people.

There are some TV characters who are supposed to be unlikable. We love to hate them because they're simply the worst!

But there are other TV characters who are supposed to be sympathetic and relatable, but actually just kinda suck.

Michael from "The Office": "Why are you the way that you are?"

So, we want to know: Which TV character was supposed to be likable but was actually the worst?

Maybe you couldn't stand Lucas on One Tree Hill because he constantly cheated on his girlfriends and you found him whiny and overdramatic.

Lucas: "Peyton I hate you"

Perhaps you stopped liking Rory as Gilmore Girls went on because she became entitled and awful after she started dating Logan and dropped out of Yale.

Rory: "So I spent a night in jail, big deal, so did Martin Luther King"

Or maybe you didn't understand what the point of Yeray's character was on Elite and thought he was incredibly boring and annoying.

Tell us about an awful TV character who was supposed to be likable, and why you couldn't stand them. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!