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Which TV Character Had The Most Unnecessarily Tragic Ending?

Looking at you, Stranger Things.

If you're a big TV person like me, you've likely suffered the loss of a character you loved. One of the hardest lessons to learn is that some of our faves simply aren't destined for happy endings.

A young man crying and crossing his arms

Sometimes though, a character's ending just feels so unnecessarily tragic. Like...really? Was this TRULY necessary?!

A guy and girl holding arms at a funeral

Maybe you still haven't forgiven The O.C. for shockingly killing Marissa off at the end of Season 3, right after she had finally just gotten her life together.

Perhaps, you can't stand that Killing Eve couldn't let Eve and Villanelle just finally, finally be happy together in the finale.

Villanelle and Eve hugging and kissing

Or maybe you're still upset about Freddie's murder on Skins, and how Cook's life was also subsequently ruined by the whole thing.

Freddie and Cook in "Skins"

Tell us which TV character had a super unnecessarily tragic ending and why you felt it was unnecessary. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!