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Tell Us Which Teen Drama Moments Are Incredibly Well-Acted, But Not Enough People Talk About Them

We don't talk enough about Alexa Demie on Euphoria.

We all know teen dramas can be pretty cringey sometimes. That's half the fun of them!

But there are some teen drama moments that are actually incredibly well-acted. The performances are so raw and real, and the scene just gets to you.

Maybe you were heartbroken for Maddy when she broke down to her mom about knowing what "real love" was on Euphoria.

Maddy defends her relationship with Nate and says she doesn't want a loveless marriage like her parents have

Maybe you think we don't talk enough about the scene where Stiles has a panic attack on Teen Wolf.

Maybe Justin lashing out after his mother's death on 13 Reasons Why left you really shaken up and emotional.

Justin yells that he doesn't want a "bullshit service" for his mom

Tell us which teen drama moment is amazingly well-acted, but not enough people talk about it and why you think the scene is so well-acted. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!