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What's The Most Out-Of-Character Moment On A TV Show?

None of the characters on Elite have acted like themselves since, like, Season 2.

If you're a big TV nerd like me, you probably have at least one absolute favorite character who you understand 100% inside and out. You just get them, you know?

But sometimes, a TV character does something that doesn't feel like them at all — it's not in line with their personality, goes against all of their character development, or simply makes no sense. "They would never do that!" you protest at the screen.

So, we want to know: In your opinion, what's the most out-of-character thing a TV character has done?

"But this isn't you."

Perhaps, you felt like Jim taking a job in Philadelphia on The Office, despite it obviously not being okay with Pam — and acting like a total jerk about it — was seriously out of character for him. Maybe, you thought it was just a weak attempt to add some angst to the relationship.

"If that's what you think, then this is a really sad night."

Maybe, you're still absolutely flabbergasted that The 100 writers thought it was a good idea for Clarke to kill her best friend over a freaking sketchbook.

A woman holding a gun

Or, perhaps you thought Toni and Fangs suddenly deciding to get married on Riverdale was just so random and weird for both of their characters, even if they did have a son together.

Toni and Fangs getting married

Tell us about the most out-of-character thing a TV character has done and why you thought it made no sense. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!