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We Want To Know What Your Favorite 2022 TV Show Was

House of the Dragon really managed to pull us all back in.

2022 was a big year for TV! From sitcoms to fantasy to teen dramas, there was truly something for everyone to binge.

So, we want to know: What's the best TV show you watched this year?

SpongeBob watching TV

Maybe you can't stop talking about Wednesday and how perfect Jenna Ortega was as Wednesday Addams. I mean, the dance scene alone deserves all the awards.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams dancing

Perhaps you were pleasantly surprised by how good House of the Dragon actually was, and now you're fully invested in the world of Westeros again (even though you swore off GoT after that final season).

characters in "House of the Dragon" standing together and looking at something

Or maybe you thought Season 4 of Stranger Things was the best installment yet because the chemistry of the cast was so magical. And because, well, Eddie Munson.

teenagers in a bus

Tell us what the best show you watched in 2022 was and why you loved it! The only rule is that it has to have had new episodes come out in 2022 — so Abbott Elementary or The White Lotus would qualify, but discovering The Wire for the first time this year wouldn't count. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!