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What Awful TV Storyline Do You Just Pretend Didn't Happen?

I'm so glad Veronica Mars ended with Logan and Veronica's wedding.

No matter how much we love a TV show, we all have episodes, relationships, and plots we dislike. Sometimes, you just gotta push through the bad storyline and keep going.

Miles and Tristan on "Degrassi"

But have you ever hated a storyline so much, you literally pretend it just never happened?

Maybe you'd prefer to erase the final few minutes of Season 4 of Veronica Mars out of your mind and pretend that Logan and Veronica lived happily ever after.

Logan and Veronica wedding

Perhaps you simply write off Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life as some strange fanfiction where everyone was awful and out of character, especially Rory having an affair with Logan.

Rory and Logan have an affair

Or maybe you firmly believe that all of Season 4 of Elite was just a weird dream one of the characters had, because that's honestly the only way to make sense of any of it.

new characters on "Elite" Season 4

Tell us about a TV storyline you like to pretend never happened and why you hated it so much. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!