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What TV Relationship Does Everyone Seem To Love, But You Can't Stand?

Not all ships should be endgame.

Have you ever watched a relationship on a TV show and thought, "WOW, I actually can't stand you two together?" Everyone else is super into the pairing, but you'd rather bang your head against a brick wall than watch them get back together again.

Maybe you just never understood the hype about Betty and Jughead's relationship on Riverdale.

Maybe you loved Kurt and Blaine on Glee at first, but completely stopped shipping them as the show went on.

Maybe Jane and Rafael's on-again/off-again relationship on Jane the Virgin really pissed you off.

Or maybe you saw zero chemistry between Lucas and Peyton on One Tree Hill.

Whoever it is, let us know in the comments what popular couple you couldn't stand and tell us exactly what you disliked about them. You could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!