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What Are The Best Friends-To-Lovers TV Relationships Of All Time?

The best ship is friendship!

I must admit I'm a sucker for a good enemies-to-lovers ship.

But you know what trope I love even more? Friends to lovers! There's nothing that warms my heart quite like seeing two close friends realize what's been right in front of them all along.

So, we want to know: What's your favorite friends-to-lovers TV couple?

Maybe you loved seeing Betty and Archie go from being childhood best friends to slowly falling in love on Riverdale.

Maybe you're secretly rooting for Rue and Lexi to get together on Euphoria because Lexi has been there for Rue all along.

Maybe you preferred Barney and Robin's romance on How I Met Your Mother over Ted and Robin because their relationship felt natural and realistic.

Tell us what friends-to-lovers TV couple you love and why you think they're great. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!