35 Romantic-As-Hell TV Moments That Deserve To Be Talked About Way More

    "I remember everything."

    🚨Spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. First, on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when Fitz gave Simmons the oxygen mask to save her life:

    Simmons: "You're my best friend in the world," Fitz: "And you're more than that"

    2. On Schitt's Creek, when Patrick gave David the first receipt from Rose Apothecary on their first date:

    Patrick: "Oh it's just the receipt from our first sale," David: "This is not nothing"

    3. On This Is Us, when Randall told Beth her voice was his favorite sound in the world:

    Randall: "You're my favorite sound in the world. Of course I hear you"

    4. On Shadowhunters, when Alec ran down the aisle to kiss Magnus in front of everyone:

    Maryse: "Magnus, what are you doing?" Alec: "Enough"

    5. On New Girl, when Nick knew just the right thing to say to Jess:

    Nick: "I think you're the kind of girl a guy would come back for"

    6. On The Flash, when Barry told Iris there wouldn't be the Flash without her:

    Barry: "You were a part of my life every single day, without you there wouldn't be the Flash"

    7. On Ginny & Georgia, when Sophie could tell Max wasn't actually ready to have sex and assured her that there was absolutely no rush or pressure to do anything:

    Sophie tells Max they can just chill and that she's not going anywhere

    8. On Schitt's Creek, when Alexis and Ted realized they needed to let each other go but would still always love each other:

    Alexis tells Ted she can't move with him, Ted says she wouldn't let her even if she tried and that he doesn't think he'll ever meet anyone who makes him feel the way she does

    9. On Shameless, when Mickey surprised Ian with an anniversary party:

    Ian: "I love this man," kisses Mickey

    10. On Pretty Little Liars, when Emily and Maya reunited after spending time apart:

    Maya walks into restaurant: "Hello, Maya," "Hello, Emily"

    11. On Parenthood, when Drew drove Amy home after her abortion and told her she looked beautiful:

    Amy asks if she looks okay and normal to face her dad and Drew says she looks really beautiful

    12. On Dawson's Creek, when Pacey remembered the story about Joey's mom's bracelet:

    Joey and Pacey slow dance: "You remember that?" "I remember everything"

    13. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Jake realized he wanted to marry Amy:

    Amy gasps audibly about a typo in the crossword puzzle and Jake smiles at her

    14. On One Day at a Time, when Elena made Syd a nonbinary Valentine's Day card:

    Elena: "It's binary code, zeroes and ones, except for the heart." Syd: "A nonbinary heart! I love you, I mean, I hope that's okay, but I do." Elena: "Of course it's okay. I love you too"

    15. On Gilmore Girls, when Jess told Rory he couldn't have written his book without her:

    Jess: "So I just basically wanted to show you that. Tell you that I couldn't have done it without you"

    16. On Parenthood, when Julia and Joel officially got back together at the ice rink:

    Joel offers his hand to Julia and pulls her in for a kiss as their kids watch

    17. On Jane the Virgin, when Michael told Jane she was his home:

    Michael says "It doesn't matter where we live because wherever you are is home to me"

    18. On Elite, when Omar told Ander he wasn't going to get rid of him that easily:

    Ander confesses that he knew about Polo, Omar assures him that it's okay and he's only human and that it's not enough to get rid of him

    19. On Atypical, when Izzie finally admitted her feelings for Casey, and then Casey kissed her:

    Izzie rants that she never would have told Casey how she felt if she knew it was going to ruin their friendship and that Casey obviously doesn't feel the same way, Casey kisses her

    20. On Teen Wolf, when Stiles and Lydia reunited and shared this emotional exchange:

    Lydia: "I didn't say it back." Stiles: "You don't have to." They kiss

    21. On One Tree Hill, when Lucas took Brooke to the River Court and explained what it meant to him:

    Lucas says the court is his world, Brooke asks if she gets to be a part of this world, and Lucas replies, "The biggest part"

    22. On Legacies, when Josie admitted she had a crush on Hope when they were younger:

    Josie says "of course" she had a crush on Hope and asks, "Who wouldn't?"

    23. On Riverdale, when Archie wrote a song for Betty:

    Archie says, "It's a song I wrote for you"

    24. On Supergirl, when Maggie told Alex she wanted to kiss her:

    Maggie: "Life is too short, we should be who we are and kiss the girls we really want to kiss, and I really want to kiss you," they kiss, Alex: "So you're saying you like me"

    25. On One Tree Hill, when Jake told Peyton he'd never been happier:

    26. On Riverdale, when Cheryl told Toni what love was like in her family:

    Cheryl says Jason was her only light and after his death it was dark again, until Toni came along

    27. On All American, when Spencer told Olivia he'd take a bullet for her again in a heartbeat:

    Spencer tells Olivia she's not to blame and that he'd take a bullet for her again

    28. On Degrassi: Next Class, when Miles told Lola she was his "Hope":

    Lola: "Did I mean anything to you? Like at all?" Miles: "Yeah you were my Hope," they hug

    29. On Elite, when Nadia left for New York but promised to come back for Guzmán someday:

    Nadia over the phone to Guzmán: "This is going to be the corniest message ever. I promise I'll come back for you"

    30. On Glee, when Santana told Brittany she wanted to be with her:

    Santana: "I want to be with you, but I'm afraid of the talks and the looks. I'm so afraid of what everyone will say behind my back. Still, I have to accept that I love you"

    31. On The O.C., when Marissa thanked Ryan for believing in her:

    Ryan thanks Marissa for everything she's done for Trey, she replies: "I know what it's like to have someone believe in you when no one else does"

    32. On Veronica Mars, when Logan told everyone to leave his party and get out of his life if they had a problem with Veronica:

    Logan: "You have a problem with Veronica, you leave. ... You're pretty much dead to me. So just, like, evaporate"

    33. On Degrassi: Next Class, when Zig told Maya he didn't know what he would do if he lost her:

    Zig to Maya: "When we found you on the roof it felt like the world was gonna end, I almost lost you, I don't know what I'd do if it happened for real"

    34. On 90210, when Liam proposed to Annie for the second time and she said yes:

    Liam races up to Annie on his motorcycle and says he read her book and wants to be that guy for her. "It's romantic as hell, and I'm not taking no for an answer this time"

    35. And finally, on That '70s Show, when Hyde gave Jackie his favorite Led Zeppelin T-shirt:

    Hyde: "You're with me now so I wanted you to have it"