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Here Are 8 "Twilight" Plots As "Am I The Asshole?" Polls To Get You Through Your Week

Let's settle these with a friendly debate.

Hello, my fellow Twilight fans! Here's how this works: I'll give you a scenario written from the POV of a Twilight character as if they were posting on the Reddit Community "Am I the Asshole?" (aka AITA). Your job is to vote in the polls below according to who you think is in the wrong in the story. Basically, decide who's the asshole. Have fun!

1. AITA for imprinting on my best friend's infant daughter?

baby Renesmee

2. AITA for telling my human girlfriend I won't change her into a vampire unless she marries me?

Edward asks Bella to marry him

3. AITA for telling my friend that I'm tired of hearing about her breakup?

4. AITA for telling my brother's girlfriend that I don't want her to become a vampire?

Bella and Alice talking

5. AITA for bringing two guys to movie night?

Bella and Mike and Jacob go to the movies in "New Moon"

6. AITA for being "smelly"?

Edward covering his nose and mouth and looking repulsed when he meets Bella for the first time in class

7. AITA for telling my daughter that her choice of baby names is weird?

8. Finally, AITA for breaking up with my girlfriend and forcing my entire family to move away after my brother almost killed her over a paper cut?

Edward breaks up with Bella in "New Moon"

Please continue the debate in the comments! I'll get the popcorn!