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    Updated on Feb 20, 2020. Posted on Jan 15, 2020

    16 Tweets About Penn Badgley That Deserve A Round Of Applause

    "He's the 5'7" emperor of all the short kings!"


    penn badgley sounds like he was asked by a cop what his name was and he needed to come up with one on the spot so he looked at the cop's pen and badge and blurted out penn badgley


    other actors about their characters: well they've done some bad things but they also make you sympathize- penn badgley: he's literally the worst person in the entire world please hate him


    penn badgley constantly repeating “fuck the character i play’s lives” when people start romanticizing him will never not be hilarious


    penn badgley reading his mentions from girls who fancy his character in you


    Penn Badgley is the first thing that would come to mind if you are trying to think of a fake name to give to a front desk security guard


    The most unrealistic part of You is that Joe is a social outcast. If a man who looked like Penn Badgley ran a charming rare book shop in the West Village he’d be on some Most Eligible Bachelor list in New York Magazine and dating Jenny Slate.


    When Penn Badgley played nice guy Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl I found him extremely annoying. Now he plays a fucking serial killer and suddenly I find him attractive? I’m not ok.


    why the fuck is his name penn badgley


    I don’t want to see ANY discourse this year regarding how weird it is that Penn Badgley is hot on You. Penn is a SMOKESHOW. He’s a little pocket prince. He’s the 5’7” emperor of all the short kings and him being hot on You is the POINT. In this essay I will


    doctor: aaand here’s your new baby boy! have u thought of a name yet?? mom: *looking around* uhhhhhhhh mom: *sees pen* mom: *sees doctor’s name badge* penn badgley’s mom: penn badgley


    Penn Badgley can lock me in a glass box anytime, anywhere. I’ll be the star dolphin in his human aquarium, the sharpest cactus in his mortal terrarium.


    maybe penn badgley and prince harry should duel for first white boy of the decade?


    penn badgley saying "FUCK JOE" this is the tweet


    penn badgely rlly be like stop finding me sexy 😂 no but fr stop i’m bad 💀 ma cmon stooooooppp it 🙈🤨🤚🏻


    hey @PennBadgley I’m free January 11-13, but I’m going back to uni on the 14th in case you wanted to hang out. I’m single and available. you can take my phone i don’t care i don’t even need it that bad. please I’m begging you just give me a chance


    Yeah I really should consult with my agent about this huh

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